Postnatal mum and baby yoga

Postnatal mum and baby yoga classes are in Basingstoke.

Safely regain strength, flexibility and wellbeing postnatally with yoga. Gently move your body, recover, tone, stretch, and practice relaxing, whilst including and interacting with your baby. Meet other mums and babies in a friendly, relaxed environment.


Postnatal mum and baby yoga classes are on Mondays at 11am – 12pm at John Lewis in Basingstoke, in a private, comfortable area next to the cafe. There is free parking outside the venue. Click here for class dates. Classes run in 5 or 6 week blocks.

The classes are guided by me (Rosanna), a qualified Birthlight yoga instructor. You can find out more about me and Birthlight here.

Benefits of postnatal mum and baby yoga

  • An effective and safe way to get back into exercise after pregnancy and birth
  • Helps ease common aches and pains eg back, shoulder, neck, hip pains
  • Gently improves core strength
  • Safely strengthens and tones muscles
  • Helps rebuild a weakened pelvic floor
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Move your body, feel better
  • May help ease symptoms of postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Increased bonding between mum and baby
  • Helps baby with physical and emotional development
  • Fun for mum and baby
  • Calms mum and baby
  • Improved sleep for mum and baby
  • An opportunity to practice relaxation
  • Can ease colic and constipation in babies
  • A safe and friendly space to meet other mums and babies

About postnatal mum and baby yoga

My class is a friendly, welcoming environment open to everyone with babies aged 3 months to crawling (before they are on the move!). Previous yoga experience is not necessary. The classes are made up of gentle yoga movements and techniques for both you and your baby to do in a relaxed, sociable and fun environment. All moves are optional and you can chose which moves you and your baby would like to join in with. The class is usually made up of about 70% adults postnatal yoga and 30% baby yoga. We always try and interact with and include babies whenever possible during the postnatal adults yoga, so that the babies feel secure, content, included and have fun during the session.


Why do postnatal mum and baby yoga?

The postnatal adult yoga that we do in the class can help to gently strengthen, stretch, increase flexibility and safely recover your body after pregnancy and birth. Yoga may help relieve discomforts that come with caring for a new baby and recovering from pregnancy and birth.  We also aim to calm our minds and improve emotional wellbeing, whilst bonding and having fun with our babies through touch, movement and singing. The relaxing postnatal and baby movements and techniques we do in the class may help your baby to be a calm and content infant with enhanced wellbeing. Mum and baby postnatal yoga can also be helpful for parents with fatigue, stress, postnatal depression and anxiety.

The baby yoga sections of the class help babies to have a sense of security and wellbeing and prepare them for future physical and emotional milestones such as laughing, rolling, crawling, walking and talking. This is done through loving interaction, songs and playful moves. Baby yoga is also a great way to increase bonding, encourage calmness in your baby and promote natural sleep.

You are welcome to feed, change and comfort your baby at any point during the class. If your baby cries in the class that is completely ok! You’re invited to take the class at your own pace and rest when you or your baby needs to. Please miss out anything that feels uncomfortable for you or baby.

What to wear and bring to a postnatal mum and baby class

Parents and babies should wear comfortable clothes that they can easily move in. Bring your usual feeding and changing things for your baby.  You might want to bring some water or a drink for yourself. Please also bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Cushion
  • Blanket for baby
  • Blanket for you

Don’t worry if there any of these items you’re unable to bring, I’m happy to provide them if you let me know before the class. Also I will always have a couple of spares should anyone forget anything on any week.

Dates and costs

The courses run in 5 or 6 week blocks on Mondays. You may join mid-course. Many parents and babies find it beneficial to join yoga classes for 2-3 consecutive blocks, during the early postnatal period (0-12 months).


6 week course: £51
You are welcome to join mid-course and the cost will be worked out accordingly.


Dad and baby yoga classes

Yoga Babes classes are not just for mums! Dads with babies are more than welcome to join the baby yoga classes.


From Monday 6th January 2020 the classes will be held at John Lewis in Basingstoke in a private area next to the Waitrose cafe. There is free parking for two hours. The classes at the new venue will be 11am-12pm. You may bring pushchairs and baby car seats into the venue.


If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact or 07881 987 330.

One-to-one mum and baby and pregnancy yoga classes are also available on request.