Covid-19 safety information

Safety for all those attending my pregnancy and postnatal mum and baby yoga classes in Basingstoke is my top priority, especially since the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.

I have spent sometime securing a venue in Basingstoke which is spacious and safe for my students and outlines important hire conditions and requirements for all hirers and hall users, which are asked to be followed at all times. This will ensure that maximum safety measures are in place to help protect everyone against the spread of Covid-19. I hope this will give students reassurance and peace of mind when coming to the class and enable you to to fully enjoy yourselves. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I have detailed the conditions and procedures below that have been set out by the venue and by Yoga Babes, that are expected to be followed by everyone coming to the class and using venue. Please read them carefully before coming to the class:

Venue and class procedures

It will be made clear before each course begins, that anyone booked on the course must not attend the class if they, or anyone in their household, has confirmed or suspected Covid-19, or if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms within the last 7 days.

A maximum of 24 people should be in the hall at any time. I have chosen to keep my classes much smaller than that for safety reasons and to allow for more space and comfort, with a maximum or 12 adults per class so there will be plenty of space.

A new hand sanitiser unit has been installed at the entrance to the hall
and antibacterial gel and wipes will be available before, during and after the class. Please also bring and use your own antibacterial products where possible to further reduce touch points.

Social distancing – there will be markers at least 2 metres apart (more where possible) for you to place your yoga mat so that is clear for everyone how they can maintain maximum distancing. Please maintain distancing rules at any other point before, during or after the class, for example when entering and leaving the class or using facilities.

There will be no sharing of equipment provided either by yourself, Yoga Babes or the hall. Unfortunately I will be unable to provide props, block, mats or any other equipment at the current time due to safety and hygiene reasons. Please bring your own mat, props, blocks and necessary baby equipment.

The premises will be well ventilated throughout your the sessions, with windows and doors open as far as convenient.

Visitors will be encouraged to use the one-way system through the foyer.

There will be cleaning of door handles, light switches, window catches, equipment, toilet handles and seats, wash basins and all surfaces likely to be used during hire (including chairs and tables) before other members arrive and in between each class, keeping the premises clean through regular cleaning of surfaces during hire, paying particular attention to wash hand basins and kitchen sinks (if used), using anti-bacterial products. Hirers are also required to clean again on leaving before next hirers arrive.

You may wish to change your baby using your own changing mat, on your own yoga mat to reduce touch points.

The will be no hands on support between teacher, students and babies and advice will be given verbally only.

Everyone likely to attend an activity or event at the venue understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, and that if they develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the premises they MUST use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact with.

Everyone attending will maintain social distancing while waiting to enter the premises, observes the one-way system within the premises, and as far as possible when using more confined areas e.g. moving and stowing equipment, which should be kept as brief as possible. No more than two people will use each suite of toilets at one time (one person only where possible).

I will take particular care to ensure that social distancing is maintained for any persons aged 70 or over or likely to be clinically more vulnerable to COVID-19, including for example keeping a 2m distance around them when going in and out of rooms and ensuring they can access the toilets, kitchen or other confined areas without others being present.

The kitchen will remain open to allow access to fresh water and the first aid kit, but we recommend you do not use the facilities to any greater degree.

The hall has the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or if it is reported that the Special Hiring Conditions above are not being complied with, or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again. If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly.

In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms there is a designated safe area (the Committee Room, behind the kitchen) to ensure the safety of everyone at the venue. Others in the group are to provide contact details and then leave the premises, observing the usual hand sanitising and social distancing precautions, and advised to launder their clothes when they arrive home.

Face coverings will not be mandatory or expected, but please wear one if you would like to. Face coverings are not suitable for babies or when practicing exercise that you find strenuous and for other certain medical conditions – please check recent official advice. Do not wear a face covering or remove it if you feel short of breath during the class.

The classes might be changed from in-person venue held classes to online video classes at any time (with as much notice given as possible), depending on the changing pandemic situation and to ensure the safety of myself and others .