Hello and welcome to Yoga Babes. My name is Rosanna and I’m the owner and yoga instructor at Yoga Babes. I offer yoga classes for pregnancy, mum and baby yoga, postnatal parents and beyond. Classes are in Hampshire and online, to help support parents and parents-to-be with their physical and emotional wellbeing.

As a an experienced and qualified Birthlight yoga instructor, teaching yoga for pregnancy, mum and baby, postnatal and beyond, means I’m able to support expecting mothers, postnatal parents, and their babies. In the group, I share effective yoga techniques that are beneficial during these momentous, and sometimes very challenging, times of parents lives. My classes help people reduce stress and maintain wellbeing in their bodies and minds, giving them the opportunity to experience the many benefits that yoga can bring physically and emotionally – in pregnancy, for birth, the early days and beyond.

In addition to my Birthlight* yoga teacher qualification, I have an 85 hour pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher certification from Sally Parkes Yoga which meets the standards of The Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and The Yoga Alliance US, and is also certified by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).

I set up Yoga Babes a few years ago to provide support for parents, parents-to-be and babies using yoga methods, in a warm and sociable class environment. Enabling parents to nurture their body and mind with yoga whilst and sharing yoga practices in a group is something I feel passionate about. Hoping to bring some calm and positivity to everyone’s day, my class is also a great space for mums-to-be and all parents to connect and make friends with other parents who are also pregnant or have babies and children of a similar age. Interacting with others during these times is very important, supportive and valuable for women and babies, so I aim to facilitate a comfortable space for that.

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for many years. My inspiration may come from my mum and my grandfather (her father), who have done yoga for much of their lives. I have a young daughter and son and I particularly connected with yoga throughout my two pregnancies, during labour and postnatally. I now enjoy doing yoga most days as it brings me physical and mental balance, strength, flexibility, clarity and peace.

I believe that yoga can be a way of life. Many guidelines that were created from traditional yoga philosophies can be implemented throughout daily life, to help us work towards a balanced, calm and content existence.

I am also a qualified children’s yoga instructor.

I teach postnatal mum and baby classes, yoga for parents and pregnancy yoga classes.

*Birthlight is a highly regarded and leading organisation in holistic wellbeing methods for pregnancy, birth, babies and beyond. Birthlight is a Cambridge based organisation that was established in the 80s set up by a yoga teacher, also an anthropologist and author, who wanted to enhance the health and wellbeing of mums and their babies using widely researched yoga based techniques. You can find more information Birthlight on their website here.

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